Meet the Makers: Say hello to... Neema!

We're back with our Meet the Makers series this week, to share another interview with one of our fantastic artisans, Neema.

In addition to her role as a beader, Neema is a workshop board member.


Tribe: Kagulu

Age: 26

Primary Language: Kiswahili

How many years have you been beading? 6 years

What would you do if you were not beading? I will do any job that will be available.

What is your favorite thing about your life? I love doing any kind of business as long as it's self-employed.

How would you make things different at the Co-Op? Make sure that our products are of good quality to satisfy on our customers.

What's your favorite memory from being a child? I passed well on my form four exams but failed to proceed with my education due to poverty from my parents.

What is it like to be a woman in Tanzania? I am proud of being a woman in Tanzania because I can produce products that are being sold in America.

What message do you have for Americans buying your shoes? The message I have for Americans is to cooperate with us and I promise to deliver nice products that are made in Tanzania by Tanzanians.

What do you spend your money on? House, rent, food, and clothing.

If you had more money, what would you spend it on? I will help my parents in the village. I will also buy land and build a house.

What do you think about Americans trying to help your business grow?It's good that they are helping us get out of poverty.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? There will be no idfference between the poor and the rich.

Lily Catlin Garcia