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Our Mission

Swahili Coast's mission is to connect the incredible artistry and talents of East African Artisans to global markets using principles of fairness, dignity and respect. We strive to support the creation of worker owned cooperatives and provide continuing support through fair exchange and promotion of workers rights in the East Africa region. We commit to help tend the garden of social change planted by the proud women of East Africa long ago.



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Our Sandals

Our beaded leather sandals are designed and made in Dar es Saalam, Tanzania. We offer high quality leather sandals, with many designs and patterns available, from traditional designs to modern takes.  Our sandals and designs are worn across the world - from Dar es Salaam, to the US, Europe and Australia.

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Our Jewelry

Our necklaces, earrings, and bracelets feature intricate beadwork design and classic craftsmanship, centered on evocative shapes and structures. We use locally available leather, bone, glass, and recycled brass to create jewelry unique to the Swahili Coast. 


Our Kikoy Towels


Based around the traditional Mombasan fisherman's sarong, these are the luxe beach towels you never knew you needed. Hand-loomed cotton cloth lined with lightweight, absorbent microfiber--the perfect towel for lounging!

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