Aqua and Blue

Aqua and Blue


Kenyan-Style Kikoy Towels are the PERFECT beach towel! Lightweight and absorbent hand-loomed cotton kikoy cloth is backed with quick-dry microfiber terry for extra absorption. We also add a hidden velcro pocket to the interior, perfect for storing your keys or phone. 

Kikoy are a traditional fisherman's sarong on the Swahili Coast. This lightweight, colorful, and quick drying cloth forms the basis of our luxurious beach towels!


  • 90 cm x 170 cm
  • 100% Cotton Kikoy Cloth
  • Polyester microfiber terry lining
  • Hand-knotted fringe
  • Velcro pocket in terry (6" x 6")
  • Cold water wash
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An East African classic. The hand woven Kikoy towel is worn like a sarong as a beach wrap. The interior is sewn with a full length microfiber towel for drying off. All of our kikoy are sewn with velcro pockets for convenient storage.