Meet the Team


U S A   T E A M

Caroline - Creative Director

Evidence of Caroline’s design sensibilities emerged even as she arranged colorful tub blocks in pleasing patterns as a bathing two-year-old. Now a little older, Caroline has loved working with the Tanzania team to create the casual glamour she envisions for the Seeded sandals line. She is interested in pretty things, pork-based cuisine, and the power of language. You can reach Caroline at

Tony - Production Director & Web Developer

Tony is an American entrepreneur with 3 years of experience working in the East Africa region. He is Seeded's production manager, web developer, and business operations specialist.  He is interested in global justice, economics, and disc sports. You can reach Tony at


T A N Z A N I A   T E A M 

Kennedy - Design Leader
Kennedy was fascinated with beading from a young age, when crafters in his Mombasa neighborhood would let him play with their beads and come up with his own designs. He has since helped his brother and uncle found their own sandal workshop in Dar es Salaam, and he is a patient and dedicated teacher of new beaders.
Shine - Production Manager
Shine (pronounced SHEE-nay) was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He has been in the shoe business for over a decade and specializes in assembly and finishing. Shine is a skilled manager and works diligently with a team of leatherworkers to craft each pair of Seeded Sandals. 

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